Covenant House - Among Trinity's Outreach Efforts

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The Outreach Ministry is enriches the lives of parishioners and those we serve and support, both locally and globally. 

APRIL....yes, it’s time for the Street Shepard’s to once again sleep out to raise awareness of Covenant House. And again this year, it will be virtual. I will miss my buddies sleeping on the hard and cold street next to me. 


According to  law enforcement official, "the lockdown has certainly exacerbated the big issue that push people toward violence - everything is a little bit worse for everyone."  During the past year when we have been kept in our homes, the incidence of depression, abuse and runaways has increased. Kids have fled their homes looking for escape from horrible situations. If they are lucky, they will be rescued by the Covenant House van before even more horrible situations take them to a life you and I cannot imagine.


I have come to know some of the staff and know how challenging this past year has been, yet they still show up to care for these kids and to ensure they are safe, secure and served. They say that being witness to the transformation that occurs when a young adult feels safe enough to leave hopelessness behind and appreciate the strengths that lie beneath all the trauma is what compels them to stay closely connected to Covenant House.   These people and the kids they serve are what keeps me wanting to help. 


We have not been allowed to hold our fund raising events ( but hope that soon we can schedule the Pocketbook Bingo ) as we have in the past and must rely on donations alone this year.  Any amount is appreciated and will help keep the doors open to save these wonderful kids.  If you would like to support Covenant House, please go on line ( Women Unite 2021 - Street Shepherds Mary Ann Pearson ) 


Thank you, I hope you feel the Cov-Luv!


Outreach contributes to local organizations such as the Ambulance, Police, and Fire departments of Allendale; the Center for Food Action serving Northern New Jersey; Covenant House in Newark; Tails of Hope, based in Mahwah (supporting Military Working Dog teams and veterans with PTSD); and the Unbridled Heroes Project in Allendale (veterans with PTSD and other trauma victims caring for rescued Mustang horses).

Assistance is extended to Real Partners Uganda, an American charitable organization that supports the Mustard Seed Academy in Lukaya, Uganda. Real Partners Uganda was founded by Dana and Kathryn Hiscock, members of Trinity, and Joe and Elaine Griswold, former members of Church of the Epiphany. Trinity sponsors five children at the Academy, where more than six hundred orphans and vulnerable children receive first-rate education and comprehensive care. Individual members of the church sponsor some twenty or more additional students and teachers.

Outreach Ministry also leads a variety of parish-wide, hands-on outreach efforts. They volunteer for monthly preparation and delivery of meals for customarily between twenty-five to thirty residents of the St. Paul’s Men’s Shelter in Paterson. In further service to St. Paul’s, Outreach members collect outerwear, hats, gloves, and scarves for its residents during the winter. Additionally, as Christmas approaches, the ministry adorns an Angel Tree with the clothing, toy, game, and other wishes of children of all ages, who have parents in the Essex County and Northern State prisons in Newark, the Hudson County Jail in Kearny, and half-way houses for women. Outreach administers this initiative, inviting all members of the parish to select an Angel, enabling a “gift-bearing, heart-touching, joy-bringing Christmas.” The Outreach Ministry is active in numerous other endeavors, including providing transportation to and from Sunday services and various activities for people who lack transportation or have mobility limitations owing to physical infirmity.