Lenten Book Group

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This year we had scheduled very special programs; however, with this historic Coronvirus Pandemic, we have adjusted our Lenten programs. For those programs where it's possible, we will engage with each other from a distance: "Distance gathering" for a Lenten Book Study.

This year are reading together Max Lucado’s newest work, Jesus – The God Who Knows Your Name. This New York Times bestselling author will take us further on the journey to know the life and character of the Savior. Countering our desire to keep Jesus’ humanity out of his incarnation by compartmentalizing him as a divine teacher we miss much of what God wants us to know about him.

We will "distance-gather" or "remotely-connect" again through Zoom, on March 24 and April 7.

This is an easy read book and a joy to even reread-- it's not too late to join in. Contact Trinity or Father Michael for an update on how we will be sharing our Lenten reading and spiriutal journey.  Lucado’s purpose in writing this book is that the “Hero of all history (may) talk to (us) personally, and that we find in him the answer to (our) deepest needs.” Lucado’s introduction concludes with:

                        We can know not just facts about Jesus but his heart, his

                        joy, his passion, his pain, and his sorrows, and why he gave

                        so much to save us. Look long into the heart of Christ and

                        you will see more clearly the person you were created to be.