Trinity Attends the 146th Newark Diocesan Convention

United Thank Offering, Worship, Episcopal, Newark Diocese, Trinity

Trinity representatives attended the 146th Newark Diocesan Convention.  Attending the Convention on behalf of Trinity were Tim Cross, Lynn Friedman, Bernie Milano and Fr. Michael Allen.

Trinity participated in the United Thank Offering, adding $300 to the Newark Diocesan offering of $8,000.

Bernie Milano was Elected to Standing Committee

  • 4 clergy and 4 lay members are elected by Convention for a four (4) year term. A maximum of eight (8) consecutive years may be served.
  • The Standing Committee is the Bishop's council of advice and the ecclesiastical authority when there is no bishop in charge.
  • Additionally, the Committee:
    • gives consent to elections and resignations of bishops,
    • approves any encumbrance of real property and sale of real property,
    • approves modifications or revisions of judicial sentences, and
    • recommends postulants for candidacy, candidates for ordination to the diaconate and deacons to be ordained priests.
  • Attendance is required at ten monthly meetings.
  • Currently the Standing Committee meets the first Wednesday of each month (except July and August) at 12:30 p.m. The body is open to a time change to 7:30 a.m. (same day) as an accommodation to different schedules. Video conferencing is also an option that will be considered.
  • Committee assignments as required.
  • Desirable, but not necessary, experience: law, real estate, vestry/executive committee, diocesan groups.

Photo by Lynn Friedman