Trinity Arts

Building a Cultural Future - The very roots of western art, music, theater, architecture, and literature may be found in the medieval churches of the twelfth century. Those roots thrive to this day.  As the arts have developed in sacred spaces, each has nourished and kindled broadened insights into life lived more abundantly -- clearly a major part of the Church’s intention.

In response to such an enormous, historic legacy of blessing and success, Trinity Church commits itself to encouraging the arts within its walls as well. To that end Trinity’s Vestry maintains the Trinity Arts Committee. Composed of both parish and area musicians, artists, writers, actors, chefs, and leaders in the arts, the ‘Committee conceives and implements an area-wide, annual series of arts events.

Join us on October 11 at 3:00 pm for our Jazz Returns to Trinity concert, featuring Bucky Pizzarelli, Marlene Verplanck, and the Adam Brenner Trio. On the same day we will have the opening of a world class exhibition of paintings by deceased, world class Greek folk artist, Athena Ebers. As if that isn’t enough fun for one Sunday afternoon, there will be a New Orleans style catfish dinner prepared by our chef, Eric Schmalfus.


Trinity Arts - Gallery
Adam Brenner Trio
Bucky Pizzarelli
Marlene Verplanck