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Sunday School

Trinity Church is dedicated to forming the next generation of Christians to spread the Gospel and continue to create a better world in line with God's dream for Creation.


Trinity's Sunday School classrooms are equipped for children of pre-school and grammar school age. Classes will begin in Ordinary Time in the Fall of 2022.

​​​Our volunteer Sunday School teachers prepare lessons each week based on the church calendar and the scripture readings from the week's Sunday sermon. The lessons include reading, prayer, arts and crafts, and discussion of real-life connections. Halfway through the Sunday sermon, the children are reunited with their parents in the sanctuary.

Registration for Sunday School has begun. You can register either online or in person. Please print the Registration form and bring it to the church or mail it to Trinity Episcopal Church, 55 George Street, Allendale, NJ  07401. Once received someone will contact you. For more information, please feel free to email us or phone the office 201-327-3012.

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