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Trinity's Happy Work Day! (June 2021)

"It's around the mulch pile that friends well understand the warmth of being together."


Al, Bob, Bernie, Bill, Brian, Chuck, Debby, Ellen, Eric, Fr Raul, Gail, Jane, Michael, Mimi, Paralee, Peg, Phil, Rich, Steven, and Tim

It truly was a great workday! It is very special that so many parishioners were willing to "dig in" and clean up and mulch Trinity's woodland paths through our three acres of protected woodland, and our outdoor Chapel.

Thanks so very much for coming out on Monday, when the wind was blowing and it was still cold, to help spruce up the yard in the front of our Parish buildings and St. Michael’s Chapel, and to re-cover our woodsy trails throughout our beautiful property. What a difference you made! 

“It is around the mulch pile that friends well understand the warmth of being together.”

Collectively you contributed some eighty hours of work in about four hours’ time.  You lugged wheelbarrows, rakes, pitch forks, and spades to the site, then pushed the edge of the envelope to get the task done. 

Your generosity with your muscle and valuable time is deeply appreciated.  

And Thank You to Debby Brown who recruited and managed the day! 

Trinity's Annual Pancake Supper (Feb 2020)


"This is an annual event we never want to miss" said a Trinity parishioner.  Fun fellowship and yummy chocolate chip, strawberry, blueberry, & buttermilk pancakes, prepared by our Trinity Chefs Tim Cross & Steven Vales, along with bacon & apple suauce.  Special thanks also to our parishioners who helped set up, service, and clean up!  Can't wait for next year!

IMG_0993 (2).jpg

Trinity's Progressive Dinner Party (Dec 2019)

Once again, Trinity enjoyed a wonderful holiday Progressive Dinner party. We gathered at one house for appetizers, then broke apart to enjoy a delicious dinner in four different host homes, and then reconvened for scrumptious desserts in one more home. Delicious & Fun!

Trinity Church at the Allendale Parade (Nov 2019)

Trinity parishioners participated in Allendale's celebration of the 125th Anniversary of Holiday Observers -- an organization dedicated to Allendale's special holiday activities.  

Parade Walking signs.jpg
Parade Walking5.jpg

Trinity's Annual Oktoberfest (Oct 2019)

IMG_0659 (1).jpg

A delightful evening of fun fellowship. We so enjoyed our friends and parishioners from Crescent Commons who proved very lucky with our Tricky Tray.  All profits from the evening went to Trinity's Outreach effort.  

This photo was taken at our wonderful annual event, Oktoberfest!

Church Oktoberfest.jpg

Trinity's Annual Italian Feast (Apr 2019)


We enjoyed Fabulous Fellowship at Trinity's annual Italian Feast!  The food was scrumptious and plentiful, and the happy fellowship was a complete joy.  Thanks to Sandy and her amazing team!  Can't wait for next year!


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